Holistic Healthy Hemp

CBD Cell


Had a bad day? A bad week even? I dare say a bad year! Get in a new groove and give trust to sacred herbs of peace and clarity.

CBD Drops


Stressing out at the dog? Don’t do that, dogs are innocent animals. Take a more reflective approach and relax with a hemp juice.

CBD Capsules


Sleepless nights are a killer for the ‘Zen like Ninja’ mindset, so remember to turn off the TV early and take some CBD.

Keep it Simple

Gift Cards

You Know how good you feel now your in control of your health so why not get the hubby involved?

Gift the coolest thing on the high street by purchasing a super high health value gift card and gift the gift of true wealthy health.


Need a subscription for your hemply intake? Want to save money and feel endo-fab! Well, not only do we promise to keep you topped up with hemp but we also love to sneak in free gifts to your monthly hemp box. Plus always keep your supply fresh with constantly changing cannabinoid profiles and fresh flavours.

*All products and services are part of a continuously changing landscape of political and economic paradox. If you feel confused or misunderstand anything on this website then please do your own research. We do not intend to mislead you or misrepresent the cannabis plant (The People’s Plant) or the law in your country. We educate and champion the hemp plant, respecting its importance and necessity for it to be cultivated and utilised by the people, for the people. To nourish, clothe and bring balance to ourselves and our communities, strengthening the UK as a whole. Keep investing in people, invested in hemp.