Brighton Hemp.


A little store in a Big city.

How much does it cost to live? Some of us ask that question and some of us do not have to. We understand the dynamic cost implications when operating a well-being company so want to offer discounted products and promotional niche products to everyone, no matter there circumstances.

Supplying affordable and high value hemp based CBD products to the UK and beyond.

Enjoy the full spectrum benefits that a hemp lifestyle can bring.

Why Organic?

Believing in an organic lifestyle is not for the faint-hearted. With so many additional micro things to worry about let’s be sure not to add any more.

All of our products are sourced from organic farms and producers as this is common practice in hemp cultivation. Bring Organic living into your and your family’s life styles to benefit from a naturally boosted endo-cannabinoid system.


Hemp is a versatile crop and don’s the platform for sustainability

Become more sustainable through the use of sustainable plant cultivation. Discover the power of C02 sequestering super hemp!

What we do differently:

  • We put the customer first by not using cheap ingredients
  • We specialise in expert cannabinoid packaging options so your CBD’s do not degrade fast.
  • Organic ingredients used in all our formulations.
  • Expert advice and ongoing customer service including referrals to THC-friendly initiatives.

Remember to Always consult your GP when deciding to suddenly work outside of your usual health regime to deal with physical health issues, ailments or mental health considerations. Although our staff are super passionate they are certainly not fully-fledged doctors so do not take their word instead of your GP’s. That said, ‘Food is Medicine’ as the creator of the Hippocratic oath stated so with that in mind… A balance of a more holistic health lifestyle is just what the doctor ordered!